Financial Planning

Barnstone Advisors takes a holistic approach to your financial goals. Planning is essential to obtain financial independence. Financial planning will mean different things to different people, so Barnstone will take the time to evaluate each area of your financial picture and help you determine what your needs and goals are for this process. We believe that all areas of planning are important in achieving your goals and having personal financial success. Each area needs to be examined so that we can provide appropriate advice in line with a client’s actual needs. You can rely on us to provide you with unbiased advice and straightforward answers in the following areas concerning your financial situation:

Investment Planning

We will review your existing investments, assess your risk preferences, create a custom allocation, select appropriate investment vehicles and then monitor and report on your progress towards reaching your goals.

Retirement Planning

We will help you form a plan to achieve financial security and peace of mind that you can attain financial independence in your retirement years.

Education Planning

We will introduce you to the various education funding options available and determine which options are best suited for your needs and resources.

Estate Planning

We will review your existing estate plan if you have one, develop estate planning recommendations and assist you with trust administration

Tax Planning

We can help you project future tax liabilities for planning purposes, track cost basis of taxable investments and coordinate financial data with tax preparers.

Risk Management

We will help you understand your exposure to potential loses and determine what risks you can afford to self-insure, where you should purchase insurance and what types.

Philanthropic Planning

We will help you develop of a formal giving plan, including researching potential recipients, identifying potential charitable structures and administering gifts.

Liquidity or Unusual Events

We will help you prepare for any sudden inflows or potential outflows that arise from unusual or unexpected events, such as windfall inheritances, sale of business, succession planning, pension payouts and more.